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Carrie Freitag

Carrie grew up in the town of Skaneateles, NY. She graduated salutatorian from Skaneateles High School in 1984. From there, she went to the University of Rochester where she graduated magna cum laude earning a Bachelor's Degree with distinction in health and society and a minor in biology. Carrie attended the Sloan Program In Health and Human Services Administration at Cornell University, graduating with a Master's degree in 1990. Currently, Carrie works as Senior Finance Manager for the Whitaker Biomedical Engineering Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

Since her brother's murder in 1998, Carrie has been immersed in the pursuit of justice; engaged almost daily in the mutual support of other murder victim survivors; and has participated in campaigns to block the parole of murderers, argue for maximum sentencing, and promote policies and decisions that hold violent criminals accountable for their actions and make our communities safer.

After her brother's murder, Carrie searched for reading material to help cope with the turmoil she was experiencing. The literature was sparse and inadequate. Most material spoke in sterile technical terms to mental health and criminal justice professionals without personally touching the hearts of those surviving the victim or those tangentially traumatized by murders in their community. Carrie wrote Aftermath to fill this void.

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