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Carrie Freitag and Margaret Kerouac have teamed up to provide compelling, relevant, and comprehensive resources to help individuals cope with the loss of a loved one from murder and traumatic or wrongful deaths. They have presented workshops for survivors and professionals in the mental health, emergency response, and criminal justice fields at conferences nationally and internationally. Their workshops include topics ranging from post traumatic stress, coping with rage, trust and secondary victimization, to reframing the concept of forgiveness in the aftermath of homicide and wrongful death. In their book, Aftermath: In the Wake Of Murder, Carrie and Margaret provide useful mechanisms for survivors of murder victims to cope with:

  • Bereavement, Homicidal Grief, and Complicated Grief
  • Traumatic or Sudden Death
  • Trauma, Victimization, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Violence and Murder
  • The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice System
  • The Impact of Murder on Social and Family Life
  • Survivors Guilt
  • Rage, Fear, and Despair
  • Spiritual Issues

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